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LocoNav Move – Wireless GPS Tracker for car, Bike, Kids or Anything | 1 Year SIM Data | Android + iOS App | Live Location with Instant Alerts



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(as of Aug 18,2023 11:24:28 UTC – Details)

Product Description

wireless gps tracker for loved one

wireless gps tracker for loved one

kids gps tracker

kids gps tracker

portable gps tracker

portable gps tracker

magnetic gps tracker

magnetic gps tracker

good gps battery life

good gps battery life

IP54 waterproof gps tracker

IP54 waterproof gps tracker

Portable Tracker

Designed with portability in mind. Compact and lightweight. Easily fits into your pocket, bag, or glove compartment, making it the ideal travel companion. Take it with you on road trips, hikes, or even attach it to your valuable items for peace of mind.

Super Magnets

Offers versatile placement options with its powerful magnets. Attach it to metal surfaces such as vehicles, machinery, or equipment, ensuring a secure and discreet tracking experience. With reliable magnetic grip, no kind of complicated installation is required.

Battery Efficiency

Smart battery with auto-sleep mode. Get extended usage without frequent battery recharging. Experience uninterrupted tracking for extended periods, and focus on what matters most.


Built to withstand the elements. Resistant to dust and splashes, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Protected from dirt, moisture, and minor impacts, ensuring high durability and reliable performance in various environments.

loconav cares

loconav cares

best gps tracking solutions

best gps tracking solutions

Who is the Move Portable GPS Tracker for?

This product is for anyone who wishes to track their asset-on-the-move. The asset could be a parcel, bag or an entire vehicle. Owners of cars, buses, or trucks that are driven by drivers other than themselves, can track and monitor various aspects of the vehicle, its location and the driver’s behaviour in real-time. This product is also helpful to track down the location of a stolen vehicle or item and help in recovery.

Vehicle owners who want to ensure that drivers ferry their family members safely in their cars, or commercial vehicle owners who want to ensure safe driving that does not attract fines and penalties find this product useful. School Bus fleet owners can also use this device to ensure students are safe on every route, track stopping at every stop, and can share the school bus’s location live with parents and the school administrators.

It doesn’t require any installation, can be simply kept along the asset that needs to be tracked.

Device Type
Wireless (OBD)
Portable (Magnetic)

Recommended for
Cars & Trucks
Cars, Bike, Scooty & Trcuks
Bike & Scooty

Power Source
Vehicle’s battery
Vehicle’s battery
Vehicle’s battery
Vehicle’s battery
In-built battery

Remote Vehicle Turn OFF

Engine Health monitoring

Ignition On/Off Alerts

1 year SIM data Included

Easy installation (services of a professional technician available at your doorstep)
Easy installation (services of a professional technician available at your doorstep)
Easy installation (services of a professional technician available at your doorstep)
No installation required (insert in OBD port of vehicle)
No installation required (magnetic side to attach to surfaces)

What does the Move Portable GPS Tracker do?

This is a “Track-Anything-Anywhere” tracking and safety solution that offers location tracking, anti-theft, and driving safety features and functionalities.

You can get various types of alerts on the LocoNav app, web platform, and even on email.

Monitor Unsafe Driving to keep the Vehicle, Driver, Passengers, and Cargo Safe

Move Portable GPS Tracker enables instant alerts on the LocoNav app for overspeeding.
You can also monitor overspeeding by the driver by setting allowable limits for speed inside the LocoNav app. Whenever the driver exceeds the limit set by you, you will get an overspeed alert.
In case of a vehicle-tracking case, owners can coach their driver towards better driving behaviour by using the Driver Score and Driver List sections within the LocoNav app and web platform. Here you can get data going back up to 30 days for overspeeding events by vehicle and by driver.

Track Vehicle/ Item Location and Prevent Theft

View the real-time location of your vehicle/item on a map.
Get exact locations for where your vehicle/item has been.
Download reports for all locations your vehicle visited in the last 6 months.
In the unfortunate event of vehicle/item theft, you can get the vehicle’s current location which you can share with the authorities for easy vehicle recovery.
The app also has an interesting feature called Geofences. In this feature, you can mark a virtual perimeter around the most frequented locations/addresses as a Geofence and name them. For example, if you have a personal vehicle that drops off various family members to set locations every day, you can create Geofences for locations of Home, Office, School, College, etc. When the vehicle enters a certain area you have marked as a geofence, you will get an alert on the LocoNav app or web platform. There is no limit to the number of geofences you can set, and you can add and delete geofences as is convenient to you. If you are using this device for a commercial vehicle that does different routes every day, you can mark its usual parking area as one geofence, and then mark various delivery locations as separate geofences, and you can add or delete geofences as per your need.

7500 mAH battery – No installation required
Place the tracker in school kid’s bag, high value & unpowered assets such as bicycles, bag with valuables etc
Customize alerts and remotely monitor safety with features like geofence, stoppage, sharp turn, over speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, crash, and more
Create geofences around frequently visited locations and receive instant alerts
Call +91-8010101818 to avail remote support for installation or any other grievances
Absolutely no impact on vehicle’s warranty – No direct connection with the vehicle

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